Saturday, 11 June 2016

Workshop Wisdom #1

With the addition of Moogle Beast quests all of a sudden Eorzea is booming with the sounds of industry again!

Perhaps you, yes even you good sir/madam can can engage in the fine arts of craftsmanship -Today!

 So you just hit level 60 on your first crafter. What now? Well the answer is pretty simple, you settle for that and make a steady income from what you can make and sell on the auction house or you start to take it to the next level. This means Blue Scrips.

What does this mean?
It means using a new proc you get in the mid to late 50's for each class you can craft an item, but not as a item to use or sell but instead as a Collectible. The quality rating of this is achieved just like trying to get a HQ normal item.

Check in Idyllshire and Mor Dhona for Rowena's employees that will exchange these items for scrips. Usually they demand certain items of certain ratings so check first. Not everything can be a collectible and not every collectible is even desired at the time so check first and plan for you material gathering second!

The scrips first uses will be for things like the rank 3 master recipes for your class and then your tools. Dont worry too much about the gear at first, the Moogles now give you them in exchange for their daily currency and thats good enough for now as long as you upgrade your accessories too.

The best place to begin is the 35 durability items. To use Leatherworker as an example this would usually mean crafting an item like Dragon Leather. 3 Skins and 1 log. you just need a botanist lvl.51 or higher and any combat class that could farm Green Dragons in the Churning Mists. You gather your materials and what now?

Well heres where your old pal Danny has a tip. Time for the wonder of macros!

-Though bare in mind these macros require having cross class skills from other crafters so having a few at 50 is required for this set of macros, remember to power level them with leves, ixal dailies and the use of buffs like manuals to get the most out of crafting.

Now open the menu and go to macros, for console users this is on the far right on the Systems sub section. Great a new two new macros, select an icon for each and name one "35 durability 1" and "35 durability 2" respectively.

Now enter the following:

 As you can see it requires the following skills:
-Byregot's Blessing
-Careful Synthesis 2
-Comfort Zone
-Great Strides
-Hasty Touch
-Ingenuity 2
-Inner Quiet
-Steady Hand 2

But also you need to look at your stats. First of all you need over 250 CP to be able to execute all of the moves to begin with, and after that put everything possible stat wise into Crafting and Control through gear upgrades you make or buy for now and cheap materia melds using the new melder by the Jeweled Crozier Market Board.

HQ materials help but thus far this usually means a guaranteed 5000-7000 quality rated collectible, and usually 4000 is the level desired by the scrip npcs.

This is just an easy way to get started getting scripts to upgrade your recipes, tools and later gear but for now this could be an easy way for casual players to get their Aether Sand for their Relics without farming leves for Vilekin.

Hopefully this is a nice beginner tip to get you started crafting Collectibles and getting your scrip caps to start making it into the big leagues of crafting!

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