Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Where are all the Relic weapons?

Remember A Realm Reborn? The Relic quests? The Trial of the Zodaic Braves?

Fun times right? All those Titan Hard Mode runs where low ping was suffering. We all did it. We got our Relics -a Stardust Rod was first in my case- and Eorzea was full of glowing weapons from coast to coast.

So what changed?

The current Relic state is the 'Hyperconductive' State with the current patch adding the new way to upgrade it again, but if you kept up Hyperconductive Kannagi in my case is what the patch starts the relic state out as for its max form.

You want to know how many other Hyperconductive weapons i have seen?

Four. Four in total. 

Everyone else has Sephirot and Thordin weapons and why? what happened to the mass Relic owning players?
In my case it was pretty simple and uniform from all i asked: "Have you seen the tome grinds for this?!?" and honestly i cannot blame them.
There has been some side stuff you can do to buy relic materials through other means but on the whole for the current step and 2 before it you are looking at a whopping 80,000 tomestones alone before all the other materials.
Lets say you do all the roullettes and get around 600 esoterics per day. That is 133 days. That is almost 4 and a half months of spending hours of your day, every single day without pause. Before the current Aether Sand farms to boot and the preceding fate farming atma 2.0 as well.
Compared to something like a dozen runs max on average of an extreme primal fight in a farm group thats a bit ridiculous in hindsight, isn't it?

All the more so for the people playing catchup with the previous steps having received no nerf whatsoever. Its a massive slog and the longer it goes on the less it is worth it in the eyes of the players. By the time you may catch up to the 230 level weapons everyone else will be further ahead and the other players will have farmed the other weapons. So good luck buddy, enjoy being stuck behind forever or putting your nose to the grindstone till you experience sheer burnout.

Which honestly is where i'm leaning at 80/240 maguffins for the current stage of my own. If im getting bored and thinking i should take a break for a week or two what about people who are new to the game and want to get started now? Theres no catch up route, its just a grind they will forever be behind on and thats a bad videogame experience to say the least.

There are plenty of ways to make catchup easier. half the 80 items for stage 3 to 40, make aether oil no longer market prohibited. They can do lots of things to make it faster, but this doesnt make it more fun does it?

Like i said at the start, if you were there you remember the ARR Relic, mostly because titan HM on the american servers from europe was a nightmare for many, but the nightmare was a challenge to overcome. Titan stood in as the wall to your relic and it was put up or shut up time. It was a challenge at the time but we all did it, we got our relics and it was a mark of pride to be in the primal killing club. You felt satisfied that you overcame a challenge.

I have overcome no challenge for my Hyperconductive Kannagi. I farmed fates and dungeons. I also did the beast tribes dailies i was doing anyway to level alts.

These are not feats of heroism or daring deeds. Its currency farming. Just like the worst parts of games like WoW, Destiny or The Division it is just farming points through repetitive busywork for a weapon upgrade that shouldn't leave you thinking "thank god its over" when you are finally finished.

At this point i reflect on these thoughts and i sincerely think i would not recommend the current relic to anyone just starting the lvl.60 experience. Its a massive catchup grind and the reward isnt worth it. Not just the ingame item but the sense of accomplishment is utterly diminished by crushing malaise and burn out.

Thats why you don't see the Anima Relics often. Theres no new blood starting it. Those of us that started on patch day are in for the long haul like the stubborn mmorpg grinding mules we are. For most of the Adventurers in Eorzea however it seems this has passed and years from now people will look at glamours of the Heavensward Relic and go "Wow.... i cant believe how much of your time you wasted for that thing!".

Which is funny since thats all videogames are really i suppose, but the failure is when the player is conscious of it.

I just dearly hope the next step involves something other than Tomestone farming i really do, and i dont blame you if you are burnt out on it. Sometimes its better to take a break and in this weapons case i really do recommend it. At 230 you are still pretty damn on top for most classes with the Relics, the sand isn't blocking your gameplay progression in the long run so never let it become a chore.

If only Yoshi P's team could aim for that in the quests for it more.

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